ESN Uni Helsinki board 2021/2022

Acting President (until the end of August): Etta Melander

President (from the end of August): Anano Arveladze

Vice President: Dali Tsakadze

Treasurer: Maria Kallio

Trip Coordinator: Randa Romanova

Local Representative: Dali Tsakadze

Events/Party Coordinator: Simas Janutėnas

Secretary: Anniina Laamanen

Vacant board positions:

Communications Manager, 

Events Coordinator,

Board assisting members 2021/2022

Currently we have no board assisting members. 

Vacant board assisting positions

N.B. We are hoping to find two more members to join the board (Communications Manager & Events Coordinator) before recruiting board assisting members.

Social Erasmus Coordinator

Responsible Party Coordinator

Office Hour Coordinator

Sports Coordinator

ExchangeAbility Coordinator

Mov'in Europe Coordinator

Buddy Project Coordinator,

Contact the board and board assisting members

You may contact the board and board assisting members via email: