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ESN Uni Helsinki is going to visit Allas Sea Pool, which is located right next to Kauppatori. They have a regular swimming pool (temperature 27°C) and a special sea pool, where you get to swim in water transported straight from the Baltic Sea, which should be refreshing! So if you're ready to have an adventure, this is your event.

The entrance fee to the pool is 8 euros for a student, but you have to remember to bring your official student card or an appropriate certificate to prove your student status. Other than that, just grab your swimsuit and a towel (it might seem obvious, but having some extra bag to put your swimsuits after the event can be a really good idea)!

WHAT: Allas Sea Pool visit
WHERE: Allas Sea Pool
WHEN: 14.04.2019., 15-18
HOW: Sign up through this link: https://forms.gle/qHzNvHW7bzm1NYU4A
WHY: Cos swimming in cold water is the most Finnish thing you can do and should not be missed!

15/04/2019 - 15:00