Welcome to ESN Uni Helsinki General Meeting in Rydman, Kaivotalo, Kaivokatu 10 A, 9th floor!

Want to join us? We will elect a new Secretary, Buddy Project Coordinator & Sports Coordinator for spring semester 2018 in the meeting. Find the descriptions of the positions below. If you want to apply for a position, just come to the meeting or send an informal application via email info@esnunihelsinki.com!


1. Opening the meeting
2. Legality and quorum
3. Selecting the scrutinizers (2) and vote counters (2)
4. Approving the agenda
5. Accepting new members
6. Announcements
7. Electing a new Secretary, Buddy Project Coordinator and Sports Coordinator
8. Finances
9. News from the Local Representative
10. News from the Communications Manager
11. Past and upcoming events
12. Any other business
13. Next meeting
14. Closing the meeting

Available positions:

- Board member
- Responsible for meeting arrangements (books the meeting place, picks up the food, prints the agendas, makes sure everything is cleaned afterwards)
- Writes the minutes of the meetings and sends the minutes of the previous meeting to the chairperson and scrutinizers within 2 weeks of the meeting
- Prints the finished minutes of the meeting and gathers the signatures from the chairperson and scrutinizers

- Fast typing
- Good oral and written English skills
- Attendance at every meeting (there is a meeting every other week)

Buddy Project Coordinator:
- Board assisting member
- Responsible of organising the Buddy Project with two other coordinators

Sports Coordinator
- Board assisting member
- Responsible of organising sports events, for example running club, bowling, ice skating...
- Has freedom to create their own kind of position depending on their interests

09/01/2018 - 18:30