Have you arrived in Helsinki at the beginning of January? So it has been around a month in the capital of the goodest country in the world (https://www.goodcountryindex.org/results#FIN).
You have probably seen already the iconic piece of Finnish design, Aalto vase, inspired by the dress of a Sami woman. Most likely you have already encountered the Marimekko textiles with poppies and other floral prints. And for sure you've at least once wondered who would place a bowl formed wooden chapel in the city centre...
We bet you like Finnish design! Wanna know more? Join ESN Uni Helsinki visit to the Design Museum of Helsinki!

The event price is 6€ and includes entrance ticket and a guided tour!
The Registration link will be published in this event. Stay tuned!

WHAT: Design museum visit with ESN Uni Helsinki
WHEN: 19.02.2019
WHERE: Designmuseo
HOW MUCH: 6 euro
WHY: Cause Finland is full of wonders :)

19/02/2019 - 15:00