Finland is the country with the heaviest coffee consumption in the world... Finland is the country drinking the most milk per capita...
Finland is the country, where lakritsi (liquorice) and salmiakki are considered as candies... But despite this strange habits, Finnish people love chocolate. Especially worldwide known Fazer Sininen!

We at ESN Uni Helsinki are arranging a visit to the magical place, the sweetest part of Helsinki, Finnish chocolate factory Fazer! Every Finnish person has visited the factory at least once during their school years and now it’s your chance!

At the factory you get to know more about this delicious Finnish brand, eat as much candy as you can and shop Fazer products in an outlet store! Please note, that Fazer does not allow visitors to the production site for hygiene reasons.

The visit will be on the 16th of November at 15:30. We will organize a takeoff from the city centre. More detailed info coming up later.

We will have an online registration to the event. The registration LINK will be published in this event on Thursday, 9th of November on Facebook!

that there is a limit of people to this event, so ESN Uni Helsinki students will have first priority

16/11/2017 - 15:30