Have your team all ready for Fresher Adventure? Great! The next step is to visit the checkpoint hosted by ESN Uni Helsinki* where the teams get to test their knowledge about the wide wide world!

So if you know (or want to know!) where the tallest building in the world resides, where you can get a delicious glass of bubble tea or where the Dragon Boat Festival is organized, this is your checkpoint! In other words, come travel the world with us.

WHAT: ESN Uni Helsinki goes Fuksiseikkailu / Gulisäventyret / Fresher Adventure 2019
WHEN: 27th of September, from 4pm to 8pm
WHERE: Leppäsuonkatu 11, room: Seppele
WHY: Because who doesn't love cultural exchange ♥


*ESN Uni Helsinki is part of the international Erasmus Student Network. We are a volunteer-run association for exchange and international students. Our goal is to make exchange students’ time in Finland unforgettable by organising different kinds of events, trips, sports, cultural excursions and parties

27/09/2019 - 16:00