Event banner with fallen leaves.
Dear students!
We are happy to take you to the beautiful Nuuksio National Park on Sunday 25 September! We will be hiking a route called Haukankierros (4 km). In total we will be hiking for 7 kilometres, because there is a 1,5 km walk from the bus stop to the park.
We'll meet outside the Central Railway Station (next to the entrance from Elielinaukio) at 8:45 AM. If you need advice with tickets, please arrive already at 8:30 so we can help you. Our train departs at 9:03 AM.
You'll find more details about the trip on the sign-up form: https://forms.gle/GQhS3sFy9LrioD2k6. Please fill in the form if you want to join the hike!
More information about Nuuksio National Park: https://www.nationalparks.fi/nuuksionp
25/10/2020 - 08:30