Eduskunta or The Parliament of Finland is the supreme decision-making authority in Finland. Finnish parliament is unicameral and has 200 members.
Did you know, that
- Finnish Parliament was established in 1906
- Finnish women became the first in the world to exercise full political rights, including the right to stand for election. The 19 women who were elected to Parliament in March 1907 were the first women MPs in the world.
- As a result of the elections 2019 a record number of women won seats: 93, equaling 47 per cent of the new Parliament.

Want to learn more? Join ESN Uni Helsinki at the guided tour and get an opportunity to discover the Parliament House!

The registration will be open on the 2nd of October at noon (12.00)

WHAT: Parliament house visit and guided tour with ESN Uni Helsinki
WHERE: Parliament house
WHEN: 07.10.2019 | 2.30 pm
WHY: to know how does Finland work

07/10/2019 - 14:30