Hi exchies!!
We are very excited to play some football with you. During these exceptional times, it's good to enjoy some outdoor activities with your friends and classmates.
You can sign either yourself or your team up for this event. The event is primarily meant for exchange students at the University of Helsinki. Each game will be 30 minutes, 2 half of 15 minutes.
We'll play at Lehtikuusenkenttä (Lehtikuusentie 5, 00270 Helsinki). We'll start at 14:00
Things to know if you register a team:
1. It would be nice if each team has 6 players (5+1) on the field. You can have substitute players.
2. It is encouraged to have at least one female member in the team. We promote inclusion and equality.
3. Everyone is welcome to join us regardless of their skill level.
Please inform us if you need to cancel your registration! You can reach us on Facebook or by email
Join us for a fun Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing many of you. 
22/11/2020 - 14:00