Do you love idyllic old towns with their colourful wooden houses and cobbled streets? How about chocolate?

We in ESN Uni Helsinki happen to love these things and that's why we are organising a daytrip to Porvoo! Porvoo is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Finland located only an hour outside of Helsinki. Porvoo also happens to host the over 140-year-old Finnish chocolate factory Brunberg and they have a very nice shop in Porvoo where they sell their candies. Sound good?

We will take two groups of 20 students to Porvoo. We will have a nice informal city tour lead by ESN-actives and then have lunch together at a cozy restaurant. We will also visit the Brunberg shop and then you can have as much free time as you wish to to explore the old town. We will travel by public transport. The trip in itself is free, you will only have to pay for your transportation, meals, purchases etc :)

Find out more about Porvoo: 

Sign up via these links! Please choose one group, their departure is about 1,5 hours apart. Both groups will take off in the morning.

21/01/2017 - 09:00
  • Everyone is invited.