ESN Uni Helsinki's next is taking place in Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3: turn left from the main entrance and search for ESN flag) on 25th of September from six pm to seven pm.

At this office hour you can:

- buy an ESNcard* and ESN Uni Helsinki patches for your overall

- buy ESN Uni Helsinki t-shirts! 3€ with an ESNcard | 5€ without

- buy ESN student overalls (FIN haalari) [LIMITED EDITION]
30€ with an ESNcard | 35€ without an ESNcard

- buy ESN Uni Helsinki patches for your overall (FIN haalari) or your bag, jacket etc.

- ask questions about ESN and find out more about our events

Or just chat with our lively ESN actives :)

* ESNcard is the ESN membership card and with it, you can get a discount from the parties and events that we organize. It's valid for one year and not only in Finland but in almost 40 other countries too! Check out for all the discounts.
The card costs 5 euros, bring a small picture and an ID (passport etc.) with you.

** CASH only!

25/09/2019 - 18:00