Have you ever wondered what happens inside the Finnish classrooms? Would you like to spend a day in one?

Now you have a great opportunity to get to know the Finnish school system better by visiting the Aurinkolahti comprehensive school in Helsinki. Aurinkolahti school is a technology based school covering grades 1 to 9. You’ll be taken to a guided tour around school premises and you will also have the opportunity to participate in the ninth graders English lesson. 

The 9th graders have had a project on how to present their own home country to foreigners, so this visit will give them an opportunity to practise this skill in real life. The pupils have prepared some questions to you about your experiences in and about Finland. This requires nothing else from you but willingness to share your expectations you might have had and the great and not so great experiences you’ve had in Finland. :)

We will have TWO meetings:
1) MONDAY, 27.02. at 7 pm
A little info-session about how the school system in Finland works, the schedule of the visit, and time for possible questions 

2) FRIDAY 03.03. (around 9 am-14 pm).
The actual school visit 

The sign-up form will be published here on Friday 24.02. at 12 pm. Be fast, we can only take 10 people with us.

NB! By signing up you commit to participate in BOTH meetings. 

WHAT: ESN Uni Helsinki goes to Finnish school
--- INFO SESSION: will be announced later
--- SCHOOL: Aurinkolahti Comprehensive School
--- INFO SESSION: Monday, 27.2. at 7pm
--- SCHOOL: Friday, 3.3 at 9am

03/03/2017 - 09:00