Who is eligible for an ESN Card?

✔ Eligible for ESNcard: Erasmus+ students, Erasmus+ trainees, Erasmus+ international incoming students, international incoming students/trainees on a mobility programme outside of Erasmus+, international undergraduate or postgraduate full degree students, European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers, ESN volunteers (boards, actives, alumni).

❌ Not eligible for ESNcard: outgoing students, local students, former Erasmus+ students who aren't involved with ESN.

What can I get with the ESN Card?

ESNcard is the ESN membership card and with it you can get discount from the parties and events that we organize. It's valid for one year and not only in Finland but in almost 40 other countries too! Check out www.esncard.org for all the discounts.

What do I need for the ESN-card?

You need to have a small picture of yourself, your ID and 5 euros. The picture does not have to be an official passport/visa picture, you can just print it (e.g. your Facebook profile picture) or get one done in a photobooth (can be found for example at the Main Railway Station and Kaisaniemi metro station). ESN-cards can be purchased during the Welcome Fair/Opening Carnival or at our Office Hours.

I signed up for an event, but I can't make it. What should I do?

In case you can't make it to this event, please cancel your registration by emailing to info@esnunihelsinki.com or send a message on Facebook!  

Why? Because usually we have a long list of others that want to join us too! If you cannot make it and do cancel your registration, we can give a chance for some other ESNer to participate.

Can I join events if I'm not from University of Helsinki?

It is possible to attend the events of other sections. Please, note that sometimes when the demand for an event is really high, we may prioritize university of Helsinki students.

I am a local student. Can I still join?

Of course you can and you’re more than welcome! We in ESN Uni Helsinki aim to connect Finnish and international students (check our Buddy Project too!).

The event is full. Is there any way I can still join?

You can add yourself to the waiting list by contacting our events team via info@esnunihelsinki.com

We will let you know, if there are cancellations.

I want to become an active member, how can I do this? 

As an active member within ESN you help out during events and parties, either by helping organizing it or by providing an extra set of hands on site. Anyone can become an active member within ESN. All you have to do is attend at least one general meeting (which are announced via the ESN Uni Helsinki Facebook-page) and help out during an event. You will receive more information about the procudure during the general meetings, or send an email to info@esnunihelsinki.com

I saw a Facebook event about an Erasmus party, why can't I find it on your Facebook and website?

Not all Erasmus parties in Helsinki are organized by us. There are also profit-seeking organizations that organize parties. Our event's have always ESN on their names. We always post our events and parties on Facebook and on our website.

Where can I ask for my lost belongings?

If you forgot something at the event, check our Lost&Found. Please contact us on Facebook or email info@esnunihelsinki.com


Helsinki University Exchange Services are operated by Helsinki University, not us!

Here are hints what to do regarding Exchange Services, though.

My tutor hasn't contacted me, what should I do?

If you have some problems communicating with your tutor, please contact In­ter­na­tional Ex­change Ser­vices of University of Helsinki https://www.helsinki.fi/en/studying/contact-us/international-exchange-services. ESN Uni Helsinki is not providing tutors.

I want to do my exchange in Uni Helsinki, whom should I contact?

ESN Uni Helsinki is not a university organization, so unfortunately we are not in charge of exchange programs. We organize volunteerly events for exchange students in Helsinki.

In case you want to do your exchange at University of  Helsinki, you need to:

Contact In­ter­na­tional Ex­change Ser­vices of University of Helsinki https://www.helsinki.fi/en/studying/contact-us/international-exchange-services