Welcome to the ESN Uni Helsinki General and Events Planning Meeting on the 22nd of August!

The meeting will be held in Kabinetti (Mechelininkatu 3d, floor -1). To get in, just buzz 'pupu' and head downstairs.It is a meeting room in the left corner of the bigger space. If not found, please call 0407683610.

The meeting will be held in two parts: first the official general meeting (agenda below) at 16.00 where we will for example elect new board and board assisting members. After we wrap up the official portion of the meeting, we’ll continue to an informal events planning workshop at approximately 18.00. If you are applying for a board / board assisting role we kindly ask you to arrive on time for the first meeting. If you can’t make it to the meeting but wish to apply for a position, email applications are taken into account (president@esnunihelsinki.com). You are also welcome to contact us if you have any further questions about the meeting, the positions, ESN etc.

Currently we are looking for a vice-president, a secretary, trip, events and party coordinators, party and events assistants, an office hour coordinator, a SocialErasmus coordinator, an ExchangeAbility coordinator, a Movin’ Europe coordinator and a sports coordinator. You can read more specific descriptions on the positions here:

The agenda of the general meeting:
1. Opening the meeting
2. Selecting scrutinizers (2), vote counters (2) and a secretary for the meeting
3. Legality and quorum
4. Approving the agenda
5. Introducing new prospective members
6. Accepting new members
7. Electing board members for the semester 2019-2020 for the positions left open at the association meeting
8. Electing board assisting members for the semester 2019-2020 for the positions left open at the association meeting
9. Announcements
10. Finances
11. New from trips coordinator
12. News from the Local Representative
13. Past and upcoming events and parties
14. Approving the rights to keys to Kissa for board members
15. Any other business
16. Next meeting
17. Closing the meeting