ESN Uni Helsinki is recruting new board and board assisting members for the upcoming academic year 2018-2019. Here you can find the different descriptions and requirements for the positions. Remember that if you have any additional questions, you can always contact us via email ( or come to one of our recruitment events. Consider dropping in on our "Get to know ESN Uni Helsinki" hangout night on the 11th of April, where you can meet some of the current board and active members!

If you're interestested in joining the ESN Uni Helsinki fam, read the following position descriptions carefully and fill out a pre-application form no later than the 20th of April. In addition to this, participating in the Annual General Meeting where the new board is elected is highly encouraged. If you are e.g. on your exchange right now and can't physically be there, no worries! Just put enough effort into writing your application so we'll get an idea of your skills and aspirations! :) If you get elected as a board member, you are expected to participate in the Training weekend (19.-20. April), where our knowledge transfer from the old members to the new ones occurs. Sometimes life gets in the way though, so even if you're not yet sure if you can be present, it's always better to apply than regret afterwards!

Here are the board positions:

*plans the agendas for the meetings, sends the invites and chairs the meetings
*makes sure everything is running smoothly and that everyone knows what they are supposed to do, is responsible for training, informing and motivating members
*is ultimately responsible for the sections’ image, events, documents etc.
*makes sure ESN Uni Helsinki rules are being followed
*applies for grants
*keeps in touch with the Student Union HYY, the University, Eteläsuomalainen osakunta, ESN Finland, other ESN sections and partners
*keeps contracts with HYY, NPG and other possible partners updated
*collects the annual report and sends it to the auditors a month before the association meeting in autumn
*collects the annual plan before the association meeting in autumn
*represents the section on different occasions together with the Local Representative and other board members
*follows the president email and different Facebook groups

-dedication and time
-good organising skills
-people management and communication skills
-decision making
-general knowledge of ESN and ESN Uni Helsinki

Vice President
*works in cooperation with the president
*helps the president by sharing responsibilities and tasks
*in case the president is absent chairs meetings and takes care of other president’s tasks (being a backup contact person for Student Union, other ESN Sections and partners)
*is in charge of our general email (him/herself or by delegating shifts to other board members)
*responsible for patnership management together with the Vice Local Representative
*makes sure that data protection regulations are followed (GDPR)
*makes sure everything is running smoothly and that everyone knows what they are supposed to do

-dedication and time
-good organizing and planning skills
-people management and communication skills
-decision making
-general knowledge of student organizations structure and routine will be useful, but not required
-general knowledge of ESN as an organization will be useful, but not required

Local Representative
*the Local Representative (LR) represents the local ESN section when working with the national and international levels of the network (ESN Finland, ESN International)
*actively follows what is happening in the network and keeps the own section updated with news and current topics
*member of the Council of Local Representatives (CLR) of ESN Finland
*participates actively in the monthly CLR skype meetings
*monitors the work of the National Board of ESN Finland
*usually represents the local section at the National Platform, Northern European Platform and Annual General Meeting
*responsible for making national ESNcard and DNA sim card orders for the section
*advertises ESN local, national and international partnership deals

-representational and ambassadorial role
-basic knowledge and understanding of the national and international level of ESN
-good listening and argumentation skills, not afraid to say their opinion
-ability to forward information to and from the local section
-ability to make Skype calls

Vice Local Representative
*works in cooperation with the Local Representative
*shares the tasks with the Local Representative
*participates in the monthly CLR Skype meetings if Local Representative is absent
*actively follows what’s happening in the network and informs the section about the national level and international level (news, current topics)
*responsible for patnership management together with the Vice President

-representational and ambassadorial role
-ability to make Skype calls
-basic knowledge and understanding of the national and international level of ESN
-good argumentation skills, not afraid to show their opinion

*makes the meeting arrangements (books the meeting place, picks up the food, prints the agendas, makes sure everything is cleaned afterwards)
*writes the minutes of the meetings
*sends the minutes of the previous meeting to the chairperson and scrutinizers within 2 weeks of the meeting
*prints the finished minutes of the meeting and gathers the signatures from the chairperson and scrutinizers

-fast typing
-good oral and written English skills
-attendance at every meeting

Trip Coordinator (please note that PoBS tasks have been added to Trip Coordinator's responsibilities)
*keeps in touch with Timetravels (travel agency) and if possible takes part in Timetravels’ educational weekends/trips
*creates the Facebook events for the trips
*is in charge of promoting the trips to students
*makes sure the group leaders know their tasks
*acts as the Pirates of the Baltic Sea Coordinator. PoBS is a biannual pirate themed cruise to Stockholm gathering 1000 – 1600 international students from all over Finland and Baltic countries. More information:

-good communication skills
-good marketing skills
-basic knowledge of use of social media tools (creating events on Facebook)

*is in charge of the financial matters and the accounting
*keeps the accounting books up-to-date
*weekly money handling (pays the invoices and reimbursements for the actives, deposits cash in the bank)
*monitors incomes and expenses in accordance with the budget
*takes care of money related applications, such as Timetravels commissions
*sends the financial statements (Income Statement, Balance sheet, accounting books, receipts, invoices etc.) to the auditors 3 weeks before the association meeting in the autumn
*presents the financial statements (Income Statement, Balance sheet) at the association meeting in the autumn and plans a budget for the financial year

-accounting or business experience, or strong interest
-regular weekly commitment for updating the Accounting books

Events Coordinator
*is in charge of all the events in general
*finds organisers and helpers
*makes sure that ESN actives know what to do at the event
*makes sure that everything runs smoothly
*participating in all the events is not required, but supervising is a must
*makes sure that all the events in the Annual Plan are organized by the members
*creates Facebook events for all organised events
*makes background pictures
*writes events descriptions
*promotes events in Facebook
*creates signup forms and sends Welcome letter to the participants (or helps event’s organizers with these tasks if needed)
*keeps track of all organised events to be able to send yearly Events Calendar to HYY
*comes up with new kinds of event ideas
*works together with the other coordinators (SocialErasmus, ExchangeAbility, ResponsibleParty, Parties, Trips, Buddy Project)

-dedication and time
-good organizing and planning skills
-people management and communication skills
-ability to think the benefits and expectations of the students
-cooperation skills
-good writing skills in English
-basic IT knowledge:
--google forms, Facebook events is a must
-Photoshop or other photo editor is a plus

Communications Manager
*updates the website
*manages the GoDaddy account
*keeps Facebook page under control
*spell checks writing and monitors the consistency of the visual look
*updates the Instagram account
*makes sure all our communication and publications are in accordance with the values of ESN and follow the ESN Corporate Identity
*plans and executes social media campaigns (optional but highly recommended)
*writes events descriptions, statements and newsletters if needed
*photographs at events when possible
*responsible for recruitment

-fluent written English
-ability to update website and social media accounts on weekly basis
-basic IT knowledge (e.g. picture editing)
-precision (especially with brand consistency) and creativity

Party Coordinator
*keeps in touch with NPG clubs and is in charge of the parties organized with them
*keeps actively in touch with other Helsinki sections and organizes parties together with them
*in addition to organizing parties with other sections, organizes occasionally (when needed) parties just for Uni Helsinki section
*follows the partnership contracts with NPG and renews the contract annually
*is in general responsible for the monthly parties and the tickets and posters for them
*promotes the parties actively
*makes sure the planning process before parties goes smoothly and enough ticket sales are arranged
*attends the parties and makes sure everything runs smoothly

-time and interest in organizing, promoting and participating in party events
-good organizing and planning skills
-great co-operation skills
-great negotiation skills when dealing with NPG clubs and other Helsinki sections

In addition to their individual tasks all board members are expected to attend meetings and events regularly, volunteer as group leaders when needed, help with promotion and assist in planning the activities and events & the action plan for each semester. In return ESN Uni Helsinki offers amazing opportunities for improving different skills (both practical and interpersonal), becoming a member of an international community and getting to participate in some memorable trips and events.

Board assisting coordinators:

Office Hour Coordinator
ESN Uni Helsinki organizes office hours every two weeks during the academic year, and additional office hours before big events such as sitsit or sauna parties.

*keeps in touch with the events coordinator, party coordinator and other board members in order to stay up to date about events. Participates in ESN Uni Helsinki meetings.
*is responsible for organizing Office Hours. The coordinator books the room, creates an event to Facebook, and is present at Office Hours if possible. He/she also makes sure that there are enough actives at the office hour.
*handles the cash flow, exchanges the float cash into coins if needed and gives the cash along with the summary cash form to the treasurer after each office hour.
*fills Office Hour forms during the Office Hour, after that takes a picture of the form and posts it to Drive (filled forms and office hour stuff are stored in club room cupboard).

Buddy Project Coordinator
Responsible for the Buddy Project. The Buddy Project is organized to help the international students to get to know some Finnish students and also help to experience Finnish culture closely. Buddy Project Coordinators are responsible for organizing events to increase social interaction between international students and Finnish students.

SocialErasmus Coordinator
Responsible for organizing SocialErasmus Events. The aim of SocialErasmus is to enrich the international experience of young people abroad with volunteering activities that allow them to understand society’s problems and to work on the solutions. On practical level, tasks involve organizing events, excursions and fundraisings that help raise awareness of different issues involving the society and on a broader scale our global community. SocialErasmus program is highlighted during the SE week which is organized every semester.

Responsible Party Coordinator
Responsible for organizing ResponsibleParty in combination with some other events at least once or twice per semester. ResponsibleParty is a project of ESN International, which aims to raise awareness among students about the health effects of alcohol consumption and to contribute to the reduction of binge drinking and promote responsible drinking among students. ResponsibleParty coordinator is responsible for timely conduction of the training event for the squad members prior to the event in which the ResponsibleParty is co-hosted.

Responsible for making sure that the board members and actives are feeling fulfilled and energetic as a part of the organization, and that the atmosphere of the group is good. Organizing events to help the actives to enjoy and stay motivated, for example Tallinn- trips, collecting people to pubcrawls etc.

Mov’in  Europe Coordinator
Responsible for promoting mobility in all  its forms (Exchange, Internship etc.).
The position gives the coordinator freedom as they can be very flexible in the way they decide to promote the mobility.

Possible projects:
*creating a website or a Facebook page to students about mobility opportunities
*collecting the mobility experiences and stories of people to share it with others
*organizing a mobility festival

ExchangeAbility Coordinator
ExchangeAbility is an ESN International project aimed at bettering the mobility possibilities of those with disabilities.  The coordinator is responsible for organizing events such as dinner in the dark. Also responsible for promoting accessibility of their own ESN section.

Party Assistant
Helps the party coordinator in their tasks by for example promoting and planning the parties.

Sports Coordinator
Responsible for organizing sports events. These can include running, skating, climbing, volleyball, hiking, yoga, karate… you name it! The sports coordinator has a unique opportunity to get to know the exchange students. The sports coordinator is also the contact person for the ice hockey team Jokerit, and will organize visits to their games. Interest in sports and good organization skills required.

We're eagerly waiting for your application!