Join our board of 2021-2022!

ESN Uni Helsinki is looking for a Communications Manager and Events Coordinator!

Hi, you!

We are excited that you have found our page! ESN Uni Helsinki is a section in the Erasmus Student Network and one of the four ESN sections in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We are mainly responsible for exchange students studying at the University of Helsinki, but students from other universities as well as trainees are warmly welcome to participate in our events. Most of our volunteers are students at the University of Helsinki, but that is not a requirement for joining our happy ESN family. 
We have already elected a few members for our board of 2021-2022. We are looking for two more to join the board as our Communications Manager and Events Coordinator. The work of the board is supported by active members of ESN Uni Helsinki who help with events and excursions. All the relevant information and best practices will be shared with each new board member. Furthermore, members from the old board will always be just one message away when advice is needed. We also have a big WhatsApp group where questions can always be asked! 

Why should you apply?

You can choose a role which suits your interests and would thus support you in developing your skills and learning new ones. You get to help in making exchange students' time in Helsinki unforgettable, which is a very rewarding experience. You get excellent experience to add to your resume and have a chance to tone up your English skills (by the way, perfect English skills are not required though we mostly communicate in English). You meet new people and make new friends as the board and the active members of ESN Uni Helsinki tend to do a lot of stuff together. 
Each board does things their way. There are some matters that should always be taken care of, but otherwise you can e.g. choose which events you want to organise. This means there is a ton of room for creativity! New ideas are always appreciated and welcomed.
You can find the open positions below. If you feel like you do not fulfil all the requirements, do not feel discouraged. We really encourage to apply if you are enthusiastic about a position and have a willingness to learn new things. 

I'm interested! What should I do?

That's amazing! Please contact us on Facebook, Instagram or by email (

Open positons

In addition to their individual tasks, all board members are expected to attend meetings and events regularly, volunteer as group leaders when needed, help with promotion and assist in planning activities, events and the action plan for each semester. In return, ESN Uni Helsinki offers amazing opportunities to improve different skills (both practical and interpersonal) and to participate in memorable trips and events. As an ESN Uni Helsinki volunteer, you do not only become a member of the ESN Uni Helsinki family, but also a member of an international community.

Communications Manager

  • Is in charge of ESN Uni Helsinki's social media accounts and promotion
  • Creates the content for the social media posts
  • Answers to the messages ESN Uni Helsinki receives on social media and via email
  • Takes care of the recruitment campaign
  • Cooperates with other board members when trips, events or parties need to be promoted
  • Prepares statements if needed
  • Makes sure that ESN Uni Helsinki's content follows the visual guidelines of ESN
  • (Not mandatory, but encouraged): Executes a communications campaign around a topic relevant for ESN

Requirements for the position of Communications Manager:

  • Good writing and marketing skills
  • Good skills in English
  • Social media knowledge (Facebook and Instagram are mandatory)
  • Experience of photo editing

Events Coordinator

  • Is in general responsible of all ESN Uni Helsinki's events
  • Finds organisers and helpers for events; makes sure that ESN actives know what to do at events
  • Makes sure that everything runs smoothly
  • Participation in all the events is not required, but supervising the planning process is a must
  • Promotes events together with the Communications Manager
  • Creates sign-up forms and sends relevant information to the participants (or helps the organisers with these tasks if needed)
  • Keeps track of all organised events to be able to send a yearly events calendar to HYY
  • Comes up with ideas for events
  • Works together with the other coordinators (SocialErasmus, ExchangeAbility, ResponsibleParty, Parties, Trips, Buddy Project)
  • During COVID-19, an enthusiasm to organise online events would be much appreciated!

Requirements for the position of Events Coordinator

  • Dedication and time
  • Good organising and planning skills
  • People management and communication skills
  • Ability to consider the expectations of the students
  • Cooperation skills
  • Basic IT knowledge:
    • Google Forms and Facebook events are a must (...but they are also easy to learn, if you do not have prior experience!)
    • Knowledge of Photoshop or some other photo editor (e.g. Canva) is a plus


We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the application process, responsibilities of a board member or anything else! You can contact us on Facebook, Instagram or by email