The new semester is not that far in the horizon anymore, how exciting!! 

If you're looking for a place to stay in the Helsinki area, we have listed some useful links regarding apartment hunting.
Please note that the student housing situation in Helsinki is pretty rough, especially in the beginning of the semester, so act fast! Also note that your chances of getting an apartment are usually improved if you’re willing live outside the central/campus area - the public transportation in the Helsinki area is excellent so living a bit further away is not that big of an issue!

General information (we strongly encourage you to read these as it saves you a great deal of trouble, time and random googling):

HOAS- the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region

[note: If you receive an offer from Hoas, we strongly encourage you to accept it. If you receive an offer and decline it, it's not likely you will be offered another room by them.]


Accommodation services

University Marketplace portal



Oikotie (in Finnish)



Groups in Facebook that you can search and join

Apartments for students in Helsinki Metropolitan area

Vuokra-asunnot Helsinki (rental apartments in Helsinki)

Flatmate and Apartment Finder

Rooms / Apartments for Rent in Helsinki Region


Can't wait to see ya'll soon!☀️