A short guide on volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic for prospective board members.

Are you perhaps interested in taking up a board position with ESN Uni Helsinki in the academic year 2021-2022, but the uncertainty caused by the ongoing pandemic is holding you back? We hope this short post gives you some peace of mind and encourages you to join our happy family.

Events during the pandemic

There will be zero pressure to participate in live events as our volunteer. We organise them only if the COVID-19 recommendations allow and our volunteers feel comfortable with the idea. In fall semester 2020, we were able to organise some small live events outdoors.

Online events and social media challenges are alternatives to live events. Enthusiasm in planning and organising online events would be very welcome, but presence in every single event is not required of our future board members.

Aiming for a good balance in our lives

We want ESN Uni Helsinki to be a source of joy and energy for our volunteers. Volunteering with us offers a possibility to support exchange students, get to know new people, and learn new skills.

The goal of our organisation is not to do tons of things at once, especially now that we live under these exceptional circumstances. We don't want our volunteers feel exhausted after staring at a screen for multiple hours per day. Naturally, the board has responsibilities to take care of, but volunteering will not require all of your free time. We want you to have time for other important things in your life, too.

What can the board of 2021-2022 do?

It depends on how the COVID-19 situation develops. In spring 2021, we have mostly focused on keeping the organisation going and taking care of relevant administrative matters as events and trips had to be cancelled.

Here are some ideas for the upcoming academic year:
⭐ General meetings every two weeks (online)
⭐ One or more members attend a national or international (online) event once in a while
⭐ Live events outdoors for a limited number of participants (if the restrictions allow!)
⭐ Online events
⭐ Trips (if the COVID-19 recommendations allow)
⭐ Answer students' questions
⭐ Make sure that all relevant matters are handled by the section.

Applying for a board position

You'll find information about the board positions and application process in our previous news post.


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