ESN Uni Helsinki is recruting new board and board assisting members for the upcoming academic year 2019-2020. 

New board and board assisting members are going to be chosen in our Association Meeting on Monday 1st of April at 18:00 in Kabinetti, Mechelininkatu 3 D floor -1. However, you can apply for the roles even if you are not able to participate in the meeting.

The main goal of ESN Uni Helsinki is to help international students make the best out of their time in Finland. We organize various kinds of events, including sports, parties, cultural events, excursions and so on. We expect you to be interested in working in an international environment. We also appreciate good cooperation skills, creativeness, and flexibility. By joining ESN Uni Helsinki, you will get some memorable experiences, many new friends, and gain valuable skills for your future career. You’ll get to work with other internationally minded people, and have the opportunity to participate in ESN events and trainings both in Finland and abroad.

Our upcoming mandate is from June 1st 2019 until May 31st 2020. We have a meeting every two weeks. The meetings are open to everyone. For the board members, we require active participation both in meetings and in ESN Uni Helsinki events, and we hope that board assisting members are also able to dedicate some time for these. In many cases commitment and the willingness to take on new challenges is more important than preexisting skills, as skill-sharing and working as a member of a team is a big part of ESN Uni Helsinki.

How to apply: 1. Read about our open positions on our website. 2. Fill out the pre-application form. 3. Participate in our Association Meeting on April 1st.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via email