ESN provides a way to building a wider personal network

Etta, Local Representative and Acting President:

"I applied to be an LR because I wanted to get to know my ESN colleagues. I have done several board positions, but I felt like the LR position could offer me networks and friends outside of my own section and outside of Helsinki as well.

In a normal situation, I would've met a lot of great people face to face in trainings and meetings like the NEPs and NAs as we like to call them. Now with corona, those were online, but I still got to hang around great people from all around the world. That is the best part in my position and the best part in ESN in general: I get to meet so many people from very different places.

ESN has taught me a lot. Besides friends, I have strengthened my English skills and learned how to work in a multicultural and multilayered organisation. I have also learned a lot concrete things in ESN, like how to organise events, how to take care of the organisation's bills and money things, and how to lead a meeting. The skill set I have with me from ESN is very valuable and I will forever be thankful for getting to be part of this amazing organisation."Etta, local Representative and Acting President

Volunteering teaches you things during a pandemic, too

Julia, Communications Manager:

"I’ve been a member of ESN Uni Helsinki since 2018. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Finland, I realized that I’d be spending a lot of time home and decided to join the board one more time.

Being a Communications Manager has taught me things about social media that would've been harder to learn otherwise. It has given me motivation to learn more about photo editing, and I’ve recently started to try out a different software. It is also nice to be able to help our students by answering questions. I’d recommend this board position to anyone who wants to have a peek into the world of social media and would like to become part of an international community.

Though the pandemic has affected what ESN Uni Helsinki can do right now, chatting and planning things with fellow ESN members in online meetings is always fun. Even during these trying times, volunteering can be energizing and rewarding.”

Taking up a board position is a chance to develop your skills

Manoj, Trip Coordinator:

"I am part of ESN Uni Helsinki for the last 2 years. When I started as an active member, I got to join the most awesome events, amazing colleagues, and an international group of students. I couldn't have asked for more.

Later on, I joined the board as a Trip Coordinator. During this time, I made friends from every corner of the world, learned about event management, social media marketing, people skills, and different cultures. Got the chance to travel to the most amazing places in Lapland, Russia, and Sweden.

If you decide to join us, then I can assure you that you will have the best time of your student life."

ESN is a big organization, but as a board member you'll pick up things quickly

Sami, Secretary

"Being a secretary taking the minutes in meetings has taught me a lot about ESN as an organization itself and I have gained some valuable experience in regard to how meetings are organized. I also got to know super nice people and got to see for myself how things work in ESN!"