Mov’in  Europe Coordinator 
Responsible for promoting mobility in all  its forms (Exchange, Internship etc.).
The position gives the coordinator freedom as they can be very flexible in the way they decide to promote the mobility.

Possible projects:
*creating a website or a Facebook page to students about mobility opportunities
*collecting the mobility experiences and stories of people to share it with others
*organizing a mobility festival

Events Assistant 
Helps the Events Coordinator in their tasks by for example coordinating and planning the events as well as helping out with different tasks involving the events.

Responsible Party Coordinator 
Responsible for organizing ResponsibleParty in combination with some other events at least once or twice per semester. ResponsibleParty is a project of ESN International, which aims to raise awareness among students about the health effects of alcohol consumption and to contribute to the reduction of binge drinking and promote responsible drinking among students. ResponsibleParty coordinator is responsible for timely conduction of the training event for the squad members prior to the event in which the ResponsibleParty is co-hosted.